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Privacy Statement

FedUni's obligations

The ePortfolio Site Administrator/s will undertake all reasonable steps to provide all users with a safe, secure and operational electronic portfolio system. If at any time you feel your rights as a user have not been upheld or you have any questions regarding the below, please contact the Centre for Learning Innovation Professional Practice (CLIPP) at FedUni immediately.

ePortfolios@FedUni will occasionally be unavailable for short periods of time as we release new system features. We will endeavour to provide at least 3 working days notice of any scheduled outage. You are encouraged to report objectionable material or inappropriate behaviour to the Site Administrator/s immediately. We will ensure the matter is investigated in a timely manner.

Site Administrator/s may access your ePortfolio and its contents at anytime, however they will avoid doing so unless specifically required to support your use or as per the Terms and Conditions.

You must not use your portfolio to store or display offensive material. If the Site Administrator/s receives reports of any objectionable material within your ePortfolio, your account will be suspended and your access to your ePortfolio frozen pending an investigation in accordance to the Student Conduct Policy at FedUni. Inappropriate behaviour includes misuse of the objectionable material reporting system, intentionally attempting to load files with virus content, placing objectionable or excessive feedback or comments on any other user's ePortfolio and any other behaviour deemed to be nuisance or offensive by the Site Administrator/s.

Any unsolicited contact you receive as a result of personal information you have publicly released via your ePortfolio is your responsibility, however any misconduct in behaviour from users of the system should be reported to the Site Administrator/s immediately. We may occasionally make minor adjustments to the Terms and Condition to reflect changes to the system and in response to user feedback. As such we suggest you check the Terms and Conditions each time you visit this site. We will however notify users of any major changes to the Terms and Conditions via the ePortfolio@FedUni homepage.

For further information please refer to the FedUni FedUni Privacy Statement and the FedUni Disclaimer, Copyright and Offensive Materials Statement. It is a requirement under the Terms and Conditions that you have read and agree to abide by those Statements.